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Our company has over 43 years experience erecting scaffolds for homeowners and residential contractors.

Working in heated tarped scaffolding

Minus twenty below zero and late into the evening Donovan Masonry working steady by heating sand to eliminate freezing. Several heaters are installed and in this freezing weather we actually are working in our T-shirts. Very warm when you cover your scaffold as such. We have been in business for 43 years and invested heavily into all the proper equipment to take care of your masonry needs. We also rent and erect scaffold for homeowners who are hands on but need to be able to work at heights and also scaffold erections for residential construction or maintenance companies.



Our long-term success is attributed to customer satisfaction. Our overall performance is high as we are able to retain those we have served before.


The successful exploitation of new ideas is crucial to our business being able to improve its processes, bring new and improved products and services to market, increase its efficiency


Our daily routine involves conducting extensive research in not only scalfols but also in masonry as a whole. We strive to remain at the cutting edge of the vastly growing designs and better services for our customers.


Technology has an important effect in our business operations. We use modern equipment to fulfil our customer needs. This is why we have been accident free for over 43 years!

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